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8 Peak Performance Habits to Elevate and Transform Your Personal Productivity

By | Gavin Adams |

Do you feel unproductive these days?

Or do you feel less productive now than you did in the past?

Right now, I certainly don’t feel productive — at all.

I mean, I’m getting a lot done. But my list of “to-do’s” seems ever-growing while my list of “got-done’s” isn’t keeping pace. I feel scattered, inefficient, and not nearly as productive as I know I should and could be. Definitely not as productive as I once was. It’s frustrating.

It’s tempting to excuse my lack of production to a season in my life. And partially, that’s fair.

Big Seasons Change 1: Launching Transformation Solutions

Ten weeks ago, I launched Transformation Solutions, my new content, coaching, and consulting business. I’m primarily coaching leaders while helping organizations be more intentional and strategic as they move into their future. My portfolio of business consists of:

  • Long-term coaching partnerships with ministry and marketplace leaders,
  • Short-term project-based strategy planning work,
  • Preaching on weekends and speaking at conferences,
  • Leadership content and resources beyond this blog (e-books, books, and courses on the way),
  • and some other things yet to be fully determined.

This new business venture has me traveling (I’m writing this from Louisiana), speaking, crafting content, and meeting with leaders more than ever before.

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