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Planning for a future-ready workforce

By | James McKay | Megan Anderson |

Workplace trends can be easy to track through popular phrases and jargon – “the war for talent”, “the future of work”, the “gig economy” and now, “the great resignation.”

In the same way it took time for the dust to settle on whether or not robots were going to take over our jobs or the anxiety associated with whether you should have a “side hustle,” it’s impossible to predict whether we will all be left with a great chasm in our workforces once the pandemic winds down. 

“58 per cent of business leaders perceive strategic workforce planning (which is deeply reliant on workforce analytics) to be more important since the beginning of the pandemic.” – Gartner ReimagineHR Employee Survey

What we do know is the impact of COVID-19 will be felt for years to come. Businesses large and small have found it a cause for reflection on how they might improve their ability to anticipate and be better placed to respond to a crisis or other sorts of significant disruption.

For large businesses like ANZ, the usefulness of scenario planning and complex forecasting models as a means to “anticipate” – that is to improve planning and make better decisions – has been known for decades.

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