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Recruiters are working faster than ever to land candidates—5 signs you got a job offer too quickly

By | Jennifer Liu |

After more than a year of record turnover, recruiters are going to extreme lengths and working as fast as ever to scoop up candidates.

But there is such a thing as getting a job offer too fast, recruiters say, and it can make the talent crunch even worse. One survey from the Muse found 72% of young job-seekers have felt a sense of surprise or regret that a new job wasn’t what they expected it to be, and roughly 60% say they would quit within six months if a new job didn’t live up to their expectations.

Angela Copeland, senior vice president of marketing for, says candidates hold a lot of power in today’s market, and they shouldn’t feel pressured to accept anything before they’re ready.

“If a company comes to you and decides almost immediately you’re the right person and offers you the job, as exciting as it is, you’re not being given the opportunity to get to know the company over time,” Copeland says.

Here are five tell-tale signs you’ve gotten a job offer too fast, and what you can do to make a more informed decision.

You’ve only spoken with the recruiter

Remember that as a job-seeker, you should be interviewing the company just as they’re interviewing you. Crystal Brown-Tatum, an HR director in Dallas, says that it’s a big red flag if the recruiter speeds through an initial interview and offers you a role without speaking to more people on the team.

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