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Reversing trend: Jobs in Indian companies attract resumes from abroad

Source | | Namrata Singh, TNN

MUMBAI: When TeamLease Services NSE -1.89 % recently advertised for an opening in a marketing role at the recruitment firm, it was surprised to receive a response from candidates not only across India but from the US as well. Both employers and employees have recognised the potential of working from any location. This has opened up a geographically diverse talent pool for companies to hire from. For candidates, the canvas of job opportunities just got wider.

Not only that. The situation could be advantageous for India as global companies are expected to outsource jobs, said hiring firms. Randstad India head (strategic account management) Sanjay Shetty said global CEOs the firm interacts with are keen on outsourcing to India jobs in R&D, processing and design, in addition to technology.

“Some global CEOs we are talking to are looking at India for its quality talent. This could be another wave of jobs being outsourced to India in a big way. A number of high-end jobs — which were hitherto kept close to the mothership of an MNC, especially in FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), FMCD (consumer durables), banking and liquor industries — are expected to relocate to India. Some of these companies had earlier shied away from doing so, for various reasons,” said Shetty.

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