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Simon Sinek exclusive: ‘Choosing to become an infinite-minded leader will shake your world’

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For organisations ranging from Disney to the United Nations, Simon Sinek is the go-to guru for insights on how to inspire trust, co-operation and positive change. In an exclusive interview, the author of bestseller Start With Why urges business leaders to ditch short-termism and start playing ‘the infinite game’

In September 2009, a then-unknown Simon Sinek went in front of a modest audience at a TEDx conference on the outskirts of Seattle to speak about the power of purpose in business. That talk has since clocked up more than 45 million online views.

Over the past decade, Sinek’s incisive assessments of everything from the value of trust to the problems facing millennials have earned him an avid following in the business world. Indeed, when Director interviewed all winners of the IoD Director of the Year Awards last year, more than a third of them cited him as an inspirational figure.

At the time of his meeting with Director, the author of bestsellers Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last is poised to launch The Infinite Game. Sinek’s latest treatise expounds on his observation that business leaders too often focus on arbitrary, short-term targets. In this exclusive interview, he draws on game theory to explain why leaders need to adopt an “infinite mindset” – and, crucially, how to do it – if their ventures are to continue thriving long after they have gone.

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