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The Great Resignation is not over. A fifth of workers plan to quit in 2022: PwC report

Most people are seeking higher salaries, but over two-thirds say they are seeking more fulfilment in the workplace


The Great Resignation, a term coined in May 2021, describes the record number of people leaving their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic. After an extended period of working from home with no commute, many people have decided their work-life balance has become more important to them.

This revolution in the world of work appears to be continuing apace, with one in five workers globally planning to quit in 2022. That’s the key finding of consultancy firm PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey of more than 52,000 workers in 44 countries and territories, carried out in March 2022. It says pay is unsurprisingly the main factor in people wanting to change jobs, with 71% citing it as a key reason.

Men were more likely than women to say they were fairly rewarded financially. The report authors say this reflects long-standing problems in wealth inequality, and they highlight the need to advance the gender-equity agenda, including pay transparency and higher female participation in the labour force.

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