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The Leaders You Admire Share This Coveted Soft Skill: Here Are Four Ways To Get It

Source | | Amy Blaschka

Quick: think of a leader you admire. Most likely, you respect their business acumen and strive to emulate their leadership style. The chances are that something about them makes you feel like you know them and they “get” you.

And that’s no accident.

No matter their industry or age, those business leaders all share one thing in common: the ability to connect with others.

When you can effectively connect with others, you immediately increase your ability to communicate, foster deeper relationships and build trust. This naturally makes you more persuasive, which will help you rally your team and positively influence your peers, partners and customers.

The good news is that this coveted leadership soft skill isn’t reserved for titans of industry. You, too, can increase your ability to connect; here are four lessons from top leaders to help you do so:

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