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The Relationship Between Software Engineers and Gaming

By | Usama Gujjar 

The first video game console was introduced in the early 1970s. Arcade games were standard features in bowling alleys and other public venues by the 1980s, and Sony released the PlayStation console in 1994, forever changing the video game industry.

Today, the video game industry’s worth more than $130 billion. Gamers invest in superior gaming equipment, including gaming computers, desks, and chairs. Gamers also buy gaming software. Perhaps you’re interested in a career working with video games or curious about the relationship between software engineers and gaming. Let’s look at the software engineer’s role and how it relates to video games.

What is a software engineer?

Many people equate software engineers with software developers, but these professionals have different tasks. Software developers build software and write code. They’re involved with every stage of the development cycle, designing applications or programs from scratch.

Software engineers prioritize a program or app’s structural design and evaluate the software. Software engineers also produce tools needed to build software programs and integrate programs with computer hardware. However, software engineers can opt to become game programmers and use their skills to work on video game design and write code.

How do software engineers affect the gaming experience?

Since software engineers focus on integrating apps and programs with computer hardware, their development decisions could impact gamers by determining which gaming equipment they need for optimal gameplay. For example, new Teamfight Tactics (TFT) players may need to upgrade to a gaming mouse with programmable buttons to improve their gameplay. Software engineers can also determine system requirements to run new programs. Some games may have central processing unit (CPU) or graphics processing unit (GPU) requirements to run correctly.

Ultimately, decisions software engineers make behind the scenes will impact the final product and the gaming experience. Once a program’s released, gaming enthusiasts compile information about the games to help players improve their gameplay. Software engineers may refer to player feedback to identify ways to improve the game’s design.

TFT updates introduce new traits players can use to achieve gameplay goals. Updates also include new units. Referring to tips for TFT builds enables players to identify the best player setups. Learn about the various abomination, brawler, spellweaver, and draconic champions and ideal knight, legionnaire, and mystic champions. For example, Kalista is a duelist class champion. In addition to learning about champion options and team configurations, you can also identify ideal weapons such as the Spear of Shojin and Jeweled Gauntlet and other factors to consider when creating your team, such as attack speed.

What types of things do software engineers need to know?

Software engineers must have extensive knowledge about computer software and hardware and understand various computer languages, such as Java and Python. Since software engineers evaluate programs and apps, they need extensive knowledge about potential issues and factors that could create problems. They benefit from understanding things like the Python language and how standard mapping in a Python program works.

With this knowledge about the Python dictionary and Python keyerrors, software engineers can readily identify a keyerror Python programming issue. Python keyerrors occur when users try to access information that isn’t included in the Python dictionary. Since the dictionary doesn’t contain the required data, it can’t produce a value of the key, resulting in the error.

What other gaming careers can gaming enthusiasts consider?

Although software engineers can impact the gaming experience, most don’t spend their workdays creating computer games from scratch. Those interested in game development may pursue opportunities as gaming programmers.

Those interested in game design may be interested in a career as a software developer. Gaming careers aren’t limited to game production, either. Today, esports competitors generate revenue from professional gaming tournaments while streamers earn income from subscriptions and sponsorships.

Software engineers may work with video game production. Some may opt to become gaming programmers and create new video games. These can all be very rewarding pursuits.


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