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The Three Biggest Misconceptions About Leadership

Source | | Rajeev Peshawaria

In almost every human pursuit in the last 200 years, we have made monumental progress. However, judging by its dearth reported almost everywhere, it seems we have yet to master the art of great leadership. What remains the problem? Perhaps it begins with the way we define and understand the word itself.  I outline below what I believe to be the three biggest misconceptions:

1. Leadership is about influencing others to achieve something

Very often, I open my leadership seminars by breaking the audience into small groups and asking them to complete the sentence “Leadership is the act of ….” in 15 words or less.  No matter how big the audience is, no matter where in the world the seminar is, each group comes up with an almost identical sentence.  A composite leadership definition derived from collating all these sentences over the years would read something like:

Leadership is the act of setting shared goals and inspiring/motivating people to work together towards achieving them.

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