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Top Emerging Technologies to Leverage Hiring in 2022

By | Mohit Sharma |

Digital transformation is more about people, and less about technology. On the contrary, the intelligent human brain is irrelevant if it cannot team up with innovative technology.

Thus, when leaders think about investing in technology, they should first think about investing in the team that can make that technology useful. Businesses can buy any technology, but the ability to adapt to an ever more digital future depends on developing the next generation of skills.

For Future-proofing businesses potential, closing the gap is must between talent supply and demand. The talent management ecosystem has undergone an expedited transformation.

Screening to skilling, tech is integral to talent management at every step of the way. Tech Recruiting trends are Remote work, candidate-driven market, and automation. With candidates and recruiters scattered around the world, sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding, it has all come to depend on technology.

Data-Driven Hiring

Leaders need to use real-time analytics like pipeline growth metrics, offer acceptance rates (by team, department, and location), quality and cost of new hires, and candidate feedback scores—to help them reduce/eliminate manual work, and improve in critical areas and hire the best talent.

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