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Unhappy at work? 3 questions you need to ask yourself if your job isn’t satisfying

It’s important to have a job you like. If that doesn’t describe your situation, author Robin Landa has some suggestions on what you should do

By | Paloma González |

Are you unhappy at work? Does your job not satisfy you? This may leave you stressed, frustrated, or bored and eventually impact your productivity, creativity, and progress at getting ahead. Once you have identified the problem, you need to take action. 

It is a given that the perfect job doesn’t exist. Even if you are doing something you love or are passionate about, there will still likely be annoyances—an annoying bureaucratic rule, a boss or coworker you don’t get along with, etc. But there are limits and some issues are bigger than others. 

In order to grow in your job or your career, you need to find the aspects of your job that you like. The more satisfied you are in your job, the more motivated you will be to excel at it. 

What can you do if your job is not fulfilling? According to Robin Landa, author of The New Art of Ideas and a collaborator at the Harvard Business Review, you need to ask three key questions that can help guide your decisions about what you can do and what options you can choose to make some necessary changes.

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