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Why HR’s should be the one to lead Digitization in today’s Era?

By | Soumi Dasgupta | International Future Leader (IFL) at Lee Hecht Harrison; APAC (Accelerated Growth Market). Client Management | Change Management | Project Management | Program Management | Business Management

When we talk about digitalization it is not only about the technology and the changes that it is going to happen, it is in fact more about the people who will be driving it, who will be benefiting from it, who will be shaping it up. It is not easy to expect a human to change its way of working and embrace technology driven way of delivery work . It is important to manage how the relationships are formed inside organizations which is fundamentally changing; with the change in course of performing and delivering work and hence it is imperative for HR and Digitization to come together.

Potential candidates will evaluate your organization on where it stands digitally. Some recruits will want to work for a market leader while others will prefer to help a company leapfrog the competition. It is recommended knowing where you are and looking for candidates that will be the best match for not just where you are, but also where you want to go. Hence; Human Resource- The catalyst in between procuring the stakeholders required to run an organization and shaping the future of work; with the constant evolution of the roles of a HR – earlier when it was limited to transactional activities like hiring, payrolling, risk metrication to now being to also manage welfare, emotional quotient, learning and development. It is now the need of the hour as well as the ERA; for the two functions to work together and lead change.

How Can HR Take the Lead in Digitization?

Here is how you can begin restructuring your digital transformation strategy from the ground up and allocate more priority to HR functions:

  1. Gather Better Employee Insights: Simply asking the employees for feedback does not work anymore. You need to converse with them and motivate them to openly share their problems in a way that does not violate their privacy and trust. Companies need to measure what their employees think and do in real time.

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