Why marketing is very important for entrepreneurs?

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Once there was an entrepreneur who made a new product for improving cyclists’ safety and called it Rumble Lights. She launched her product at CES 2019 and received many requests from cyclists and wholesalers. Her next mission was to handle these requests and launch Rumble Lights on Kickstarter.

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Reem Alattas launching Rumble at CES 2019 — Source: Rumble Lights

After CES, she started looking for a co-founder to handle the marketing and sales of Rumble. Unfortunately, no one wanted to become a co-founder for an early-stage company that has not received seed funding yet. The candidates she met were looking for employment opportunities with stable income.

She was upset because she felt that nobody believed in her vision although they all mentioned that Rumble was a great product that would save lives, they need to be compensated. While she was thinking about a solution, she received a phone call from a Product Launch Professional she met at CES. He offered marketing campaign services for launching Rumble on Kickstarter, but the price tag was extremely high. It was a 5-figure number.

Then, she started contacting different marketing and product launch agencies to compare their services and fees. The prices were still high, but the product launch agencies talked in a language that she understands. They talked in terms of products, crowdfunding, pre-orders, and fulfillment. Although the product launch agencies’ fees were higher than a typical marketing agency, she decided to go with them and to be specific with the agency that gave her the phone call after CES.

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