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Zoom President Greg Tomb Unexpectedly Fired ‘Without Cause’

The decision was effective on Friday


It seems as though no tech company has been safe from mass layoffs and widespread cost-cutting initiatives, with small startups and even big-name behemoths (Google, Meta, Amazon, Twitter) all finding it difficult to navigate through the Tech Winter.

Zoom, the video messaging platform which saw a massive increase in business during the pandemic, was not spared from the widespread industry changes — and the company’s latest shock to its executive leadership is the proof.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that Zoom had suddenly fired President Greg Tomb, citing his departure as “termination without cause” and not further elaborating on the decision.

Tomb, who had only been with the company for about nine months, made his presence known at the company by overseeing sales operations and popping in on various earnings calls.

Zoom was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan, who still serves as CEO of the company and to whom Tomb was directly reporting to before his departure.

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