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10 Best Recruiting Practices to Impress Executives

Source | LinkedIn | Michael Goldberg | Helping Hyper Growth Companies Create Recruiting Functions – Talent Acquisition Consultant & Leader – Speaker

In the recruiting field we hear these phrases all the time:

“We need to have a seat at the table.”

“I want to be a business partner.”

“Talent Pipelines will help us fill positions faster.”

And we need to STOP saying these phrases if we don’t mean them!

 Recruiting now more than ever seems to be stuck in neutral. And with 2020 right around the corner, the C-Suite is going to get impatient.

I have recently spoken with 15 C-Level Executives of small to medium sized companies and the concerns are centered around a recruiter’s ability to research, attract, engage, and hire qualified talent for their company. One executive commented, “Our HR and Recruiting Team just doesn’t get it. They, post, pray, and hope candidates apply. They are just not moving fast enough for our company.”


Sharing my “10 Best Recruiting Practices to Impress Executives” to change the conversation:

1. Quit posting and praying

2. Stop wasting money on job postings

3. Invest in developing recruiting and sourcing skills

4. Learn to prioritize

5. Do research before you “dive-in” to positions

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