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12 Boss-Approved Tips for Creating a New Role at Your Company

By | Young Entrepreneur Council |

Feeling frustrated at work? Sometimes it’s best to look at your old job in a new light. You could be at the right place for your career, but toiling in the wrong department.

So before you consider handing in your notice, take time to figure out what work you want to be doing and whether it’s possible to do it at your current employer. Where do you see yourself making an impact? How could your current skills translate to a new role? Then, it’s time for the real challenge: explaining to your boss why and how putting you in a new role would positively impact the company.

Below, 12 startup founders from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) provide scenarios in which they would accept a new position proposal from the right employee.

1. Prove Its Value

I am completely open to employees creating their own positions, but there has to be proven value for the company. If an employee approaches me with a plan—how the role will positively affect the company and help us grow, and even which areas he or she thinks need improvement—the inquiry will be considered. If he or she hasn’t prepared proof of the new role’s benefit, I won’t be convinced.

Miles Jennings,

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