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14 Traits Of Creative People (That Make Them So Unique)

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What does it mean to be a creative person?

Some might only lump artists or musicians into this category, but it actually includes quite a number of different creative types.

For example, a person can be a creative problem solver, or show creativity in leadership. While creativity can manifest in the arts, it’s also vital in science and medicine.

Below are some of the most common traits of creative individuals. As you go through them, you might recognize many of these traits in yourself, or in those close to you. They won’t all apply to everyone, but creative types often display several of them together!

1. They’re fond of discovering new approaches and uses.

Did you know that chefs are some of the most creative individuals on the planet? Think about it: there are only so many base ingredients out there, but these brilliant folks have managed to use them in countless, imaginative ways. They’ve combined them in different ratios, treated them with heat, cold, or agitation to change their molecular structure, and have created some of the most tantalizing dishes imaginable.

This ability to approach things (or problems) from many different angles is also invaluable in the sciences. Let’s take medicine, for example. Some of the greatest innovations in modern medicine have come from scientists and doctors who wanted to experiment “just to see what would happen.”

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