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17 Sacrifices the Best Leaders Willingly Make for Their Team

Leadership is about what you give up, not just what you take on

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Part of being a leader is picking the right priorities. Good leaders have a knack for knowing what to take on. Great leaders also know what to give up. True leaders make sacrifices and forego things employees don’t, shouldn’t, or wouldn’t.

I’ve seen great leaders make many sacrifices over my 30-year career. I’ve made many myself. I’ve also seen leaders refuse to give up things the mantle of great leadership demands. Dismissing such sacrifices often negatively affected their careers.

I share now 17 critical things the best leaders give up, willingly. Give these things up and employees will give you their hearts and minds, willingly.

1. Self-interest.

First and foremost, great leaders give up self-interest. I’m not saying they don’t want to grow and advance or that they’re martyrs. I’m saying they lift as they climb. They realize it’s not about them and that they’re guides to greatness and there to help others become the best version of themselves.

2. The spotlight.

Not only do great leaders lift as they climb, they do so from the shadows. The best leaders I ever worked for illuminated the work of others while openly demonstrating they didn’t need or want the attention.

3. Credit.

Great leaders look in the mirror when blame’s to be had and look away when credit is to be given. They happily bask in the glow of others-oriented accolades.

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