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4 Software Updates that Can Help Improve Your Real Estate Biz

By | Samantha Higgins

Many innovating technologies are taking the world by storm. From the top of the class apps to robust software solutions, running your business with the implementation of such technology can prove quite beneficial. According to, 65% of American’s are homeowners. As a landlord or a real estate professional, the use of modern-day software can help you maintain and analyze your property’s condition and statistics remotely.

Therefore, to help you enjoy the benefits of remote management, we discuss four essential software updates that can help improve your real estate business.

1. Property Matrix

Property Matrix is a comprehensive and easy to use real estate software tool that enables one to utilize a full range of management tools and functions such as CRM. More so, it features a built-in property accounting panel, which allows you to monitor how much revenue your property is generating within a given timeframe. What makes it great is that it utilizes cloud-based storage solutions to back your data online in the event of a system failure. It also features lease and tenant tracking protocols to allow you to keep an eye on the activity within your premises at all times. All of which occur in a friendly and neatly designed graphic interface. The software can be utilized in any environment whether commercial or residential.

Furthermore, to save on time as you peruse through the database, it offers a filtering system to scan through data from your maintenance requests and invoices quickly. If you have a robust amount of properties you’d like to manage simultaneously, the program offers an option to add more than one feature. It accepts a wide range of payment options from wire transfers, PayPal, and credit cards.

2. Contactually

Contactually is a dignified Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM) that allows you to effectively manage your property leads and marketing through a reputable platform. It can propel your business tiers ahead of your competitors as it offers a return of $5.60 for every dollar spent. It’s among the top-ranking software utilized by many in the real estate business, including agents and landlords. It features real-time tracking functionality to offer users an in-depth and current analysis of data trends.

Bundled up with a friendly user dashboard, switching through tabs has never been easier. If you want to follow up on a potential lead or need reminders, you can set up on the calendar events section and set up notifications to update you on any news. The program synchronizes with all your email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Furthermore, it is compatible with mobile devices such as android systems and iOS platforms.

3. PropHub

PropHub is a digitally eccentric landlord software system that provides a way of listing and marketing your property with compelling features, such as one-click listing that offer a comprehensive way of viewing your property. Prospective tenants can submit an online application which can be viewed directly from your portfolio tracker. This offers a simple way to review applications thus speeding up your decision-making process.

Full-fledged program tools, such as SmartMove allows you to get an in-depth background and credit check on potential tenants to your full discretion. From there, you can create and execute electronic leases through the simple user interface, which allows you to upload and sign documents electronically. Furthermore, you can effortlessly carry out your business virtually as the software manages and collects rent automatically. Your income can be deposited straight to your bank account via electronic transfer as an appropriate payment method.

4. Doorsteps

Doorsteps is an interactive based platform that allows you to communicate with potential buyers or tenants and convert them into leads. It offers a dynamic range of utilities that make scouting and talking much more effective. After signing up, you are instantly exposed to a market of prospective buyers interested in securing a prime property. The software features an aesthetic and easy to use interface, which makes mapping the system much more accessible. The platform allows you to take full control of the tools and resources available to drive up your business revenue.

There’s no limit to the number of sales one can make, so long as you can build up trust and effective communication to convert customers into buyers.


Real estate software updates can significantly enhance your business. Incorporating software into your business can guarantee tremendous results and benefits from various marketing tools to analytical and revenue management systems.

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