5 Points to Building Salesperson Effectiveness

Source | LinkedIn | Rakesh Marwaha | Sales Consultant & Trainer

Effectiveness:/ɪˈfɛktɪvnəs/ noun: the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result.

Getting from point A to point B can be done more easily, more safely and certainly more quickly. But that’s not the point. The point is to depend upon the effectiveness of acquired skills, and even at the risk of life, come out successful and alive, always.

Effectiveness is the hallmark of every dedicated and successful professional.

Let’s come down to the ground level and move closer to home. Our home of Consultative Selling. Competition and technology have brought about a sea change in the solutions offered to the market but the paradigm in selling remains more-or-less the same. Not much has changed for the salespeople since the past few decades. It was, push features, over commit, slash price, beat competition at any cost, pick up deal and run, and then see how to execute it. Most often executing the deal was a nightmare and resulted in bad blood all around.  The smart sales manager recognized the need to move away and work towards more productive long term outcomes, while the smarter ones shifted the focus to the needs of the buyer. This changed the climate both for the buyer and the seller. However, the skills and effectiveness of the salesperson always took the backseat. This happened for various reasons, most of them being driven by economic pressures.

It is our belief that in a competitive ‘me too’ market, it is the salesperson who makes the difference. Conclusively, the salesperson who make the difference is the one who is effective!

In a me-too market, buyers look to salespeople for differentiators. Customers need information on exactly how a product or service will make a difference to their businesses, and while they may say price is one of their biggest concerns, a satisfying sales experience is ultimately more important. (Forrester)

Most often building effectiveness for a salesperson will require more than the usual bag of tricks. There’s a lot of hard work required, and the good old product training, or training in communication skills or selling skills training just won’t do. Its best achieved through a combination of classroom and field coaching and/or a mentoring session. You need to keep the following 5 points in mind to build effectiveness.

1.      Being on top of things:  He needs to have his ear to the ground and should be up to speed on the markets, competition, his product and technology. He should have a real time connect with his teams and proactively works to achieve targets. He should be unbiased and have complete clarity in thought on what works best and more importantly have the courage to make the recommendations to his prospect.

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