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5 Unique Branding Strategies to Incorporate Into Your Biz

By | Maggie Bloom | Freelance Writer

In today’s cut-throat market, many businesses have to struggle to survive. With shrinking profit margins due to a pandemic and the accompanying economic turmoil, many companies have to find new ways to get noticed by consumers. Sticking to the status quo, in many ways, could be a death sentence. One way you can break-out with your company is by implementing unique branding strategies that turn heads. Below are five such strategies that can do just that.

Forge Local Partnerships

In regards to the marketing reality of today, localization is king. As Google has indicated, one-third of searches on mobile devices regard local subjects, products, and businesses. This is the opposite of what people once assumed would happen with the mobile internet revolution. As such, increasing your local footprint in different markets can do a lot to help increase brand awareness with consumers. Forge partnerships with local businesses, organizations, foundations, festivals, charities, and even governments when possible. Most consumers are very receptive to these kinds of gestures, and they will do a good job increasing your brand recognition in many locales both online and off.

Use Vehicle Decals

If you have ever watched NASCAR, Formula 1, or any other kind of professional race or derby, you have probably noticed that many of the vehicles have brightly colored decals on their bodies that advertise different products and services. These are called contingency stickers, and many major corporations use them to increase brand awareness for racing fans and auto enthusiasts. Even though you may run a much smaller business, the same style of decals can do the same for awareness of your own products or services. Certainly include them on any vehicle you use. You may also want to sponsor your own race cars or derby vehicles with the use of these stickers. It’s one way to reach a large audience you may not have access to otherwise.

Hold a Social Media Contest

While its importance is sometimes exaggerated, social media is still one of the biggest forces in marketing today. There are many ways to utilize social media, and many companies fail to do so in a way that actually positively promotes their brand. Think, for example, of all the snarky brand mascot Twitter accounts ran by 20-somethings that are more annoying than informative. A more positive alternative would be using social media to launch a contest regarding your product. Submissions would be published directly on user accounts using a brand-related hashtag. This would increase engagement with your brand, act as viral marketing, and inform scores of consumers of your products. If you tie in a charity, it could even act as a boon for your PR. Think, for example, of what the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge accomplished several years ago.

Make Truly Unique Packaging That Pops Off the Shelf

One of the most basic forms of brand creation is the design work that goes into the packaging for a product. However, if you have a lot of competitors or store shelves, it can be really hard to stand out to consumers. Instead, try to create something novel that consumers can’t help but look at on the shelf. Go beyond just utilizing flashy colors and illustrations. Think, for example, of how different the packaging of Pringles is from its competitors in the potato chip industry. The tennis ball tube-like packaging of Pringles has set it apart from all its potato chip bag competitors. Be creative and try to re-think all your assumptions regarding how your product should be packaged.

Completely Rethink Your Branded Merchandise

Something else you can reinvent is the merchandise your use to raise awareness of your brand. Try to think beyond rather mundane options like t-shirts and coffee mugs. For example, in October, you could produce Halloween costumes for children and pets of your mascot or product to give out for free. Doing so is likely to give your brand some added attention on social media and elsewhere that it would not receive otherwise. Try to think outside the box instead of just handing out dull freebies like ballpoint pens and foam can koozies.

Raising awareness of your brand with consumers isn’t easy. That’s especially the case in today’s rather harsh business climate. However, there are still ways you can stick out and make waves. Consider more original approaches like the five listed above for grabbing hold of the attention of consumers.

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