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5 Tips for Cutting Cost on Company Building Expenses

By | Samantha Higgins

Most contemporary companies have confused viewpoints regarding investment in the business and consider the enormous company expenses as a part of the investment and expect the costs to pay off by providing more profit. This is the primary reason why companies are often forced to downsize or, in the worst scenario, are forced to shut down after a business loss. Apart from the business investments, the costs of operating a business building while providing all facilities to the employees are one of the significant challenges faced by companies. The workspace and environment are directly proportional to the efficiency of the employees. Indeed, a relaxed atmosphere accounts for more efficient employees. But a well-equipped, leisured, and peaceful work environment within the company building has higher value and cost than the actual business investment in some cases. But the company’s building expenses can be reduced without comprising the facilities provided through some intelligent investments and tactics.

Below are the five smart tricks that you can opt for if you’re looking forward to cutting the building expenses of your company: –

Reduce the consumption of electricity

There are too many methods to reduce the cost and consumption of electricity in your company’s building.

Opt for double-pane windows

Double pane windows are a better option than artificial lighting to be used during the day; if the sunlight falls onto the windows directly, it should be used efficiently. The use of artificial lights should be avoided during the day. This is both healthy for the employees and reduces the cost of electricity used during the day.

Turn off unnecessary appliances

It is advised that you keep all the unnecessary appliances such as air conditioners, printers, computers, etc., off when not in use; an immense amount of electricity bills comprises the wasted electricity due to these appliances.

Go for an effective underfloor distribution system of air

The underfloor air distribution system is an air distribution and ventilation strategy to provide better conditioning within buildings. The proper implementation of an effective UFAD is both cost-effective and pays back due to the benefits it offers. Effective UFAD ensures better employee health, decreased energy resources such as electricity, and increased comfort within the building it operates in. However, the installation of UFAD is not what everyone is familiar with and requires excellent time and effort for the right implementation. In case of improper installation, UFAD can have reverse effects on your building and can drain more resources than usual.

Contrary to popular belief, the supply of air within the building should not be evenly distributed. Specific zones require specific air distribution, which determines the comfort level within the structure. There are too many elements to consider besides this, for example, the right positioning sequence of the raised flooring, designing the right UFAD chambers, the accurate wall construction, etc., all of which determine the efficiency of the UFAD in the future. However, any lack of supervision in any area of the implementation of UFAD can cost your company building a significant loss.

Use the available space creatively

Most company employees complain about not having enough space in the office; this is due to the reduction in the average area of office buildings due to the new office lease of 2012. According to CCIM, the size has been reduced by 20% compared to that at the beginning of the century. In this case, you should better creatively utilize the available space. For example, conference rooms, etc., can be effectively used as break rooms when not in use. The balcony or roof of the building can be used as a ‘Smoke zone’ without having a place dedicated to smokers only. Storerooms should be well-organized to incorporate more material. Creatively redesigning the building can provide you with more space.

Buy Used Material

When it comes to the material required for the building and the business, try looking for the used items but in good condition. Appliances such as fridges, microwaves, printers, photocopiers, etc., can be easily found in good condition and at a reasonable price. Moreover, the necessary items such as furniture, cutlery, etc., can also be found at affordable costs if looked for. Vehicles used for shipment or transport can also be an excellent option to cut down the total cost of your building’s expenses. Second-hand vehicles in good condition are just as good as new, and vehicles with low-fuel consumption should always be preferred.

Control location cost

Most cities and states have higher rental costs than others, but then again, these cities are best for making your business thrive. A strategy for negotiating regarding the building’s rental charges is to opt for a long-term lease and demand a rent discount due to the long-term lease. This provides you with the security that your company will be operated in the same building for a more extended period, and secondly will get you a better deal.


The investment in your company’s building is one of the few things that you can compromise on without losing the facilities if you are competent enough. Most striving businesses had to choose a narrow road for their buildings’ expenses to reach the highest point ultimately. So, it is necessary to understand that the costs should be kept as minimum as possible during the initial stages or during your company’s challenging times.

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