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5 Ways To Encourage Smart Risk-Taking

Source | LinkedIn | Gordon Tredgold | Gordon works with organizations that want to equip their leaders with the tools to drive engagement, performance, and profits

There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of articles that have been written about how making mistakes and learning from them, is one of the major keys to success. 

As leaders, we’re often asked to be tolerant of mistakes so that we create a learning organization, rather than one that has a fear of, which can then paralyzes growth.

But this is the wrong emphasis! Here we’re focusing on the outcome rather than the type culture we would like to create.

It’s not mistakes that lead us to success, it’s risk-taking, and as leaders, we need to be cultivating a culture of smart risk-taking. A culture where people understand what risk taking is, what’s is a smart risk and then feel comfortable in proposing or even taking risks. 

When we can build this kind of culture, we will have an innovative organization which will push the limits of possibility.

Here are five ways to encourage risk taking.

Model Risk-taking Behavior

I worked for a boss who talked about risk-taking all the time, and while it was true that he was tolerant and supportive in times of failure, he wasn’t much of a risk-taker himself and consequently the organization took very few risks, even though he actively promoted it.

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