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6 Different Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Local Business

By | Regina Thomas

If you are a startup, you might be running on a tight budget, which may not allow you to undertake a large scale marketing campaign.

That notwithstanding, some marketing strategies and methods may not require to spend even a single dime. Are you surprised? Read ahead and discover the six different ways you can use to drive traffic to your site. Some methods are free, while others may require you to spend just a little amount.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a very powerful marketing tool, and all it needs is for you to have a Gmail account. The greatest advantage of Google My Business is that it is free.

Once you claim your account, your business gets listed on the local Google search, and it will also appear on Google Maps. This way, all those who make searches for services similar to what you offer will view your business details and location.

To benefit more from this marketing tool, fill all your details correctly and completely, and then optimize all the sections. You must fill your business name, location, phone number, and address.

Video Marketing

Videos are the best way to drive qualifying traffic to your business. They have become very popular because they make things easier. With the presence of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, you need not hire a professional videographer for the job. This is something you can do on your own.

You may need a small video camera or even your smartphone to produce a very high-quality video. A video will help your potential customers understand your company better and feel connected with it.

Write a good script for the video to deliver your brand message effectively and precisely to your potential clients. At the end of the video, add a personal or branding message, and a call to action.

Email Newsletters

Email marketing remains to be one of the leading ways to drive traffic to your business. Here also, you’ll not spend anything. Once you have the email addresses, you can send them your company newsletter so they can read by themselves and learn more about you.

Another way of delivering your company newsletter is to encourage those who visit your website to subscribe to the newsletter. This way, they’ll join your mailing list so they can automatically receive any newsletter you release. Ensure the newsletter is detailed and is written in a friendly tone.

Host an Event or Class

An event or class helps you to talk directly to your potential customers. Since you’ll be meeting them physically, prepare well. Have all the information about your company at your fingertips so you can answer questions they may ask. During such an event, you may find it necessary to give them some handouts that they can carry home.

Also, give them some custom flags with your company logo and a catchy marketing phrase. If you can’t meet your potential clients physically, you can conduct the event online.

Organizing a class works best if you want to teach your potential customers about your product or service. In this case, you also need to prepare well and have all the tools necessary to deliver your message. You can meet your audience physically or conduct the class online.

Create a Blog in Your Website

Today, no business can run without a website, and yours will not be an exception. But having a website alone may not be enough. You need to create a blog within the website where you can post content. By creating high-quality and SEO content, your ranking on search engines like Google will be boosted.

When blogging, ensure you use the right keywords and use relevant information. A blog will distinguish you as an authority in your line of business. If you don’t have time to create content, you can hire SEO experts to do the job. These experts will also optimize your website so it loads easily and becomes responsive.

Attending Industry Events

Whenever an event that is relevant to your industry is organized, ensure you attend. Whether it is a conference, a local event, or a trade show, your presence will boost your company’s image.

If possible, ask to be allowed to give a presentation about your company so you can take advantage of the large audience at the event. While attending such an event, don’t forget to carry some pamphlets or brochures for your potential customers.

Wrapping it Up

By using the above tips, your business will surely get noticed by your potential customers. Do not let any opportunity pass you by. If you can afford paid adverts, the better. Paid adverts are handled by professionals who will ensure your brand message reaches as many people as possible.

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