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6 Insights You Can Gain From the Top Pages of Your Competitors

No matter what type of business you are running, you can get valuable insights just by analyzing your competitor's top website pages

By | Nick Chernets |

No matter what type of business you are running or where it is located, you will have some fierce competition.

Although the situation might sometimes look tough, keep in mind that having other, more experienced businesses compete against you is not always bad. You can get valuable insights just by analyzing their top webpages. They, much like you, desperately needed new customers some time ago, and they found a way to attract them. And you can gain the knowledge on how to achieve success straight from their web pages.

That said, here are the six most important insights you can gain from your competitor’s top web pages. This info might be crucial to running a business successfully, so always try to gather as much as you can.  

1. Top products and services

You should always try to understand what sort of products were successful for your top opponents. Try to learn what sells the most, what sells mediocre, and what doesn’t sell at all; analyze what sort of mistakes your competitors made and then learn from them. Either try to offer similar (but better) products or focus on not escalating the competition by offering something special and unique only to you.

For example, if you are trying to sell some courses or webinars, find out what knowledge is currently trending. Are you also capable of providing high-quality, educational, paid video content? Then, by all means, try to outclass your competitors (don’t forget that to get any sort of attention for your webpage, it needs to be properly SEO optimized.) Otherwise, focus on the niche, yet fastest-growing course ideas. If you have the knowledge and some natural talent, you might be the one referred to as an expert on the matter in a few years.

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