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6 Top Behaviors That Cause A Loss Of Trust

Source | | Joseph Folkman

At Zenger Folkman, we looked at 360-degree feedback data collected from over 85,000 leaders and identified those whose trust score was in the bottom 10% as rated by managers, peers, direct reports, and others. The list below contains some of the negative impacts of a loss of trust.

·       Overall Leadership Effectiveness is rated at the 13th percentile. 

·       Employee Engagement of their direct reports is at the 30th percentile. 

·       42% of direct reports are thinking about quitting.

·       Only 7% of direct reports are willing to put forth the extra effort.

·       Only 5% of the untrusted leaders were part of the high potential pool.

When trust is lost, effectiveness is gone, direct reports are disengaged, and many people are looking for a way out.  

What are the significant causes of distrust for leaders? 

By doing additional analysis on the dataset, we were able to identify the main factors that lead to a loss of trust. The elements are listed in order of their impact.

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