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7 Health and Wellness Resources to Offer Your Employees

By | Sierra Powell

In addition to a paycheck being a big incentive for many employees, other benefits are as meaningful. In addition to the culture, employees look for companies that include health and wellness as a priority. Continue reading to discover seven health and wellness resources employers can offer employees.

1. Diverse Health Benefits

Most companies offer employees some health benefits. However, diverse health benefits are not covered by standard insurance. Diverse health treatments include massages and acupuncture, which are linked to a healthier lifestyle. However, messages and acupuncture are typically not included in the health benefit plans offered by companies. The average cost for a massage is $100 per session. While many opt to get a massage or acupuncture treatment as needed, many forgo their benefits because of the cost. Therefore, figuring out how to offer diverse health benefits to employees is essential.

2. Promotional Wellness Weeks

Promoting wellness is a way to get employees on track with how lifestyle changes can make for a healthier lifestyle. For instance, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Instead of simply hanging pink ribbons throughout the office, companies can have programs where they bring awareness into the office. That could be by hosting special groups to come in every Friday to discuss the various aspects of breast cancer. Or, employees can set up a donation box for that month, and all the money collected go to the National Breast Cancer Association. Whatever they decide to do, ensure that the entire office knows the hows and whys.

3. Conversion of Leave

For some, money hardly seems like a health resource. However, having money issues or a lack of money to take care of bills can cause severe health conditions, including depression, stress, and anxiety. Therefore, anyways finding ways to relieve those issues for employees is vital.

Being able to convert vacation or leave time is an option to allow employees to cash in on their unused leave. It will enable them to put money in their pockets and alleviate stress. Converting unused vacation time is an excellent resource for employees. Having that option benefits employees and benefits the company because employees are more productive when they are not stressed.

4. Mental Health Assistance

Employees or people, in general, are not open to sharing their mental health issues. However, an employer can help in some ways by offering employees a quiet, private area in the office or taking care of personal business such as telehealth appointments.

In addition to using those private rooms for general telehealth appointments, employees who suffer from depression and anxiety can talk privately to therapists and psychiatrists. Having private rooms makes it possible for providers to stay in touch and be by your side until you feel better. Employers can also partner with mental health resources such as an employee assistance program, meditation apps, and mental health care that includes online anxiety medication and therapy treatments.

5. Meeting Free Lunchtime

It takes very little finessing for a company to make lunchtime off-limits to meetings. Although everyone doesn’t eat lunch simultaneously, company policy can dictate that there will be no company-wide meetings between 11 AM and 1 PM. Employees can now use their lunch break to run errands or enjoy lunch without distractions. When they cannot be done, and meetings have to be out during lunchtime, opting to buy lunch for the staff is a great way to accommodate employees for their earned lunch breaks.

6. Early Leave Fridays

Unless there are pressing deadlines, allowing employees to leave early on Fridays is a way to boost morale and, According to research, is the most sought-after benefit that employees can have. In addition to allowing employees to schedule appointments, early Friday dismissal is also an incentive to work harder during the week to meet deadlines.

7. Fitness Programs & Subsidies

Fitness programs and subsidies are a good great resource for employees. That can include several methods, such as:

P paying for health club memberships

Giving employees a few hours off a week to go to the gym

Installing a fitness center in the company


As you have read, the main incentive for working is a paycheck. However, some employees are interested in resources outside of their salary. Seven health and wellness resources that companies can offer employees are listed above. Taking advantage of them is up to the employee and a great way to show that your health is essential to you as an employee

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