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8 successful people on the biggest lessons they’ve learned

By | Richard Feloni |

Since taking over as host of Business Insider’s podcast “Success! How I Did It” in late February, I’ve had conversations with leaders across a variety of fields about what they consider the most important lessons they’ve learned. I’ve spoken to everyone from the CEO of Vimeo to the president of Planned Parenthood to a NASA astronaut who spent a year in space.

These lessons can come from a piece of advice, like what Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud’s father taught her, or from a personal insight, as what Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes realized from a $25 million mistake.

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Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud learned to seek opportunities out of her comfort zone

Sud said that her father, an entrepreneur who immigrated to Flint, Michigan from India, told her that she should live outside of her comfort zone.

She said that it’s guided her throughout her life.

Here’s Sud:

“Leaving home at 14, going to Andover, where I didn’t know really anything, I was definitely outside my comfort zone then. In many of the roles I’ve had at Amazon and certainly at Vimeo, I’ve been in situations where it wasn’t like I had the playbook and I knew exactly what to do.

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