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8 Team-Bonding Activities that Your Employees Will Love

By | Regina Thomas

A company can never succeed if its employees don’t work as a team. Better results are achieved by teamwork, and it can be unfortunate if, in your company, the employees are working against each other.

All employees should be focused on one goal, and that goal should align itself with the company goal. The best way to bring your employees together is to involve them in exciting team-building activities. The activities should foster camaraderie, boost morale, establish positive group norms, and create job satisfaction.

Here are the five top team-building activities that guarantee the best results.

1. Solving a Work Problem Together

This is another best way to build the teamwork spirit. Once in a while, you can let your employees write on pieces of paper the workplace problems they are facing. Put these pieces of paper in a bowl, and start picking them randomly one after the other.

For any paper picked, the whole group should work together to find solutions. Once they are done with one problem, they can move to the next, and also handle it as a team. At the end of the exercise, all the problems shall have been solved.

2. Volunteering Together

The best way to help your employees build a teamwork spirit is to let them take part in voluntary work. Community voluntary charitable work, for example, will not only help spread your brand message but will also help your employees learn how to work together.

Even the introverted employees will find group work exciting and will motivate them to interact positively with their colleagues. You can visit different websites and other online sources for volunteer opportunities.

To encourage your employees to take part in voluntary work, you can also take them out once in a while. For example, taking them for camping in Maine can really boost their morale and help them bond with one another.

3. Play “A Better Place”

“A Better Place” is like a game that derives its name from the fact that it will make the workplace a better place. For this game, all you’ll need are pens and paper. Organize your employees in teams of 2 – 4 depending on how many employees you have. Give them about 60 minutes to come up with ideas on how to improve specific issues at the workplace at a small budget. In the end, each team will present their ideas, and a vote will be taken.

The team that gets the most vote will win that small budget they suggested. You can also go ahead and implement the suggestions they came up with. This game not only encourages teamwork, but it also helps in improving your company.

4. Take Cooking Classes in Groups

Any activity that involves food, be it eating or cooking, will be a favorite to many people. So, why not take advantage of this and use it to build teamwork among your employees. You can identify a local restaurant that offers cooking classes or hire a company that specializes in cooking events to guide your employees.

After attending these classes, let your employees work as a team in preparing office meals or desserts. You’ll see how they enjoy working together, reminding one another what they learned in class, and coming up with the best meals. Preparing a meal and eating together is perhaps the best way to let people enjoy their time together.

5. Board Games

Board games are among the easiest ways to build teamwork spirit in a company. Many employees can either be too old or uninterested in active sports activities like football or volleyball. Board games, on the other hand, can be played by anyone, the age or status notwithstanding. The best part of it is that we have a variety of board games that your employees can choose from.

Some of these games include Taboo, Pictionary, Scattergories, chess, monopoly, to name a few. Let your employees form themselves into teams, then compete against each other. The winning team can get some reward in the form of a shopping voucher, or something else that suits your budget.

6. Ropes Course

Ropes courses are one of the most popular team-building exercises out there. When you have a group of you working together to accomplish something, it builds a sense of trust. You can also work on your communication with each other. One person can take the lead for one moment and then give the floor to someone else. It is a great way to let everyone be involved in some form.

7. Escape Room

Similar to a ropes course, an escape room is a great way to build trust and better communication amongst one another. It can also help you individually with your problem-solving skills and being able to remember and stay calm under pressure.

An escape room creates a unique experience for you and your employees and coworkers that puts you in an unlikely situation to see just how well you guys can work together.

8. Sports Game

A sports game is a classic way to spend time with anyone. Whether you are into that particular sport or not. The team mentality that is already in that stadium can help inspire you. Nothing can bond a team more than watching how another team can seamlessly work together with one another.

You can even rent out a suite at the big game. This way it is a private way to converse with one another while watching the game without other distractions around you.

Team building is one of the best ways to set your company on a path of success. The activities discussed above should be your starting point as you explore the other ways to enhance teamwork among your employees. Some of these activities require cash, so you need to include them in your budget. But creating these memories with your employees or coworkers are just as valuable as you will then inspire each other to do the best possible work in your business.


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