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9 Things You Should Always Do on a Monday

From scheduling a surgery to buying a house, the first day of the week offers significant perks

By | Juliana LaBianca |

Fill up your gas tank

If you drove a lot over the weekend and need to fill your tank, wait until Monday morning to hit the gas station. If you do, you’ll almost definitely get a better deal, according to research from Popular Mechanics. While the exact prices and “best days” vary by state, the overwhelming majority listed Mondays and Tuesdays as the cheapest days to buy gas. Of course, if you’re driving by the station later in the week and see a price drop, feel free to deviate from this pattern! This is the best time of year to buy absolutely everything.

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Start a diet

No matter how tired you are on a Monday morning, you’ve got to admit—the first day of the week provides a built-in opportunity to start anew. That feeling is particularly helpful when it comes to starting a diet, according to The Healthy. The trick is in not tiring of your new plan by Wednesday. And if you do fall off the wagon, don’t wait till the following Monday to restart. Jump right back in the next morning. Read more about the best (and worst) days to start a diet.

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