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A.I. will hit our Education system, our Children more severely than our Jobs in next 5–10 years…

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If I ask you, how difficult is it to cut down one tree? You’ll say — “Well, that’s easy. We have state of the art automatic, light weight, saw blade cutting machines for that”. But what if you need to kill a forest? Well that might take some effort. We could deploy hundreds of huge cranes with robotic arms to do the job, or may be just burn the whole forest down. But you know what? That won’t still kill the Forest. You wont be able to kill every plant, seedling or shrub and something will always grow back….but there is an easier way out. You poison a small portion of the land and let the Trees (that are all connected at their roots by an amazingly vast network on underground mycelium) will do the rest of the damage themselves.

Well, in this sad story, humanity is the forest and our exponentially increasing rate of technology dependency leading us to learn less, remember lesser, shying away from skills that involve our hands, feet, senses, muscles, memory, comprehension and aptitude in our daily lives — well, that is our Poison. A.I. was never built to kill Humans. Only humans can do that to other humans. AI is just code, algorithms, insane computing and processing power, a technique to remember and improve upon with each iteration — that’s AI. Built by some of the smartest people on this planet, mostly but not all with good intention.

You must have heard that AI wont take away your jobs, it will create more opportunities with different kind of jobs. Well, that is really true but may be not the complete picture. “An automated milling machine, for example, didn’t transform the metalworker into a more creative artisan; it turned him into a pusher of buttons”.

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