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A practitioner’s viewpoint for creating an inclusive workplace and building women’s careers, ETHRWorld

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<p>Archana Shiroor, CHRO, YES Bank</p>
Archana Shiroor, CHRO, YES Bank

Recent research reports show a 40% increase in women’s workforce participation in India. While this positive development is certainly a cause for celebration, the numbers dwindle when one looks at the organised sector. In the BFSI sector, although banking sees over 30% women in junior positions, the picture is bleak for women in senior management roles.

In today’s competitive professional landscape, fostering diversity and inclusion isn’t just moral but strategic for organisational success. Implementing tailored HR strategies allows organisations to unleash the complete potential of their ‘Women Capital,’ resulting in a more innovative, engaged, and profitable company.

Research demonstrates the positive correlation between gender diversity at the leadership and improved financial performance. Women bring different experiences and skillsets to the table, fostering more creative problem-solving, strategic planning and innovative thinking. Showing a commitment to gender diversity enhances an organisation’s reputation as progressive and socially responsible, attracting top talent and earning customer trust. This initiative should start at the highest levels, with more women on Boards and in the C-Suite.

From a practitioner’s perspective, here are a few ideas that Leaders working with their CHROs can implement:

The Role of Management

Leadership commitment and culture shift: At the heart of any…

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