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Agriculture Industry’s Proven Tips To Rev Up Business

By | Taylor Haskings

If you run any kind of farm or agricultural business, you would think there would always be demand for your food products and services. Everyone has to eat, right? Unfortunately, they also need to be able to afford to eat. Between supply chain disruptions and inflation, putting food on the table is harder than it’s been in decades, so consumer spending gets tighter. You need to do everything you can to squeeze more revenue out of your business. Fortunately, the agriculture industry has proven tips you can use to rev up your business.

Eight Ways to Rev Up Your Agricultural Business

There are many ways to rev up your farm business. Start with these eight to see where they take you. Most of these should free up cash flow you can invest back into your operations.

  1. Claim All Applicable Deductions: Iowa State University points out that farmers should take every deduction they can.
  2. Join a Farmer’s Market: Selling your farm’s produce directly to locals can build you a community brand and cut out middlemen shippers and distributors. Consumers can save money on discount produce while you enjoy a higher profit margin at the same time.
  3. Minimize Input Costs: Improve contracts with vendors anytime you can by whittling out extras.
  4. Boost Efficiency: Streamline who makes decisions and how fast they are implemented.
  5. Include Your Staff in Recruiting: They probably know people who are willing to work and learn the trades your farm needs provided.
  6. Outsource: Marking, human resources, accounting, and agronomy are all areas where a farm might benefit from letting others handle the work.
  7. Find Retiring Operators: Many farm owners don’t have heirs to take over their farming operations, so you might be able to take over.
  8. Renegotiate Leases: Whenever you can renegotiate a lease on vehicles, items, or even land, you might get more favorable terms.

Hire A Grain Merchandiser

One step that you might want to consider is putting out a listing for grain merchandiser jobs. A grain merchandiser professional is someone that buys and sells grain and treats it like a commodity. If your farm raises any grain, they can help you sell it. However, if you have grain elevators, you might also be able to store them until the value is even better. You can hold your own grain until the resale value is improved or buy someone else’s grain and do the same thing. Grain merchandisers often have college-level backgrounds in agricultural finance and sciences, which means they might have background and skills that help your business out past just buying and selling grain.

Diversify Your Income Streams

You likely have particular agricultural products that are your core business, but you can generate more revenue from your farm if you diversify into other sectors. With very little effort, you might be able to enter several different commercial sectors that generate sales and profit in different areas. Outdoor recreation might include horseback riding, wildlife photography, hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Entertainment options might happen seasonally, as fall can be a great time for a pumpkin patch, corn maze, hay rides, and a petting zoo. Think about u-pick operations, produce sales, handmade crafts, or even opening up a country store close to the road. Educational commercial activities could include farm, garden, and winery tours. The hospitality industry is always in demand, and you could offer lodging and meals or even a farm for country weddings.

A Better Harvest Is Always Possible

Hopefully, your farm or agricultural business will always make you enough money. However, consistent results can’t come from doing the same thing over and over. You always need to be looking for new ways to rev up your food or farming business so you can keep getting more revenue and profit out of it. You’re not the only one trying to do that, however, so learn from others in your industry so you can replicate their success. You know as well as anyone what kind of harvest comes to those who plant the right seeds.

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