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As counteroffers get aggressive, some workers ponder fake job offers

By | Andy Medici |

Most workers have thought about faking a job offer in order to get a counteroffer from their current employer.

About 61% said they had thought about that idea but ultimately did not do it, according to a new survey of workers by job site

Considering the current dynamics of the labor market, it’s an eye-opening survey for employers, which are struggling with increased turnover and questions about how to approach pay raises in an environment where employees have significant leverage.

Several recruiters have told The Playbook counteroffers are increasingly common and aggressive in the Covid-19 era job market.

The survey also showed the widespread impacts of the labor shortage not just on businesses and owners but on the workers themselves, with 61% of workers saying their company is experiencing staffing shortages, and 73% of those workers saying their company does not understand the frustration that comes with working at an understaffed company.

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