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Be The Decisive Leader People Gravitate Toward

Source | | Debra Kasowski

The legends, the people we admire — both in the past and present — have qualities that draw us toward them. One of the most admired qualities of great leadership is decisiveness. Whether it be in the boardroom or on the court, execution appears flawless once the decision is made. The key is being decisive and getting the results we desire.

How does one become a decisive leader?

One client I spoke with refers to herself as a “recovering perfectionist.” When opportunities and ideas would present themselves, she would overanalyze the situation, be paralyzed by next steps and not decide for fear of making a mistake and looking less than perfect. She wanted to make sure that she was knowledgeable, credible and composed. Deciding not to decide remains a decision. The execution is to do nothing. Therefore, no results. This held her back from the trajectory of a career path she had in mind. We can easily get in our own way without even realizing it.

As the discussion unfolded, we uncovered many fears and beliefs that were holding her back from being decisive and getting the outcomes she desired. There are many actions that have helped her. Here’s how you can become a more decisive and admired leader, too.

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