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By | Pawan Kashyap

Compressors are widely used in day-to-day life compressors have wide application in Industry, too. In industrial applications compressed air is considered as one of the most important utilities. The primary objective of employing a compressor is to provide high pressure using these two possible power consumption. 

Standard definition for a compressor?

Everything compressors which compresses gas well. There’s more to it. Basically a compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume and air compressor is a specific type of gas compressor and air compressor is the device which enhances the air pressure at least. Three times higher than that of It was very pressure. Thus the compression ratio for the compressor is more than three. Compression ratio is defined as the high side pressure divided by the no site pressure. This term is used to compare the pumping conditions for compressors. Okay, that was quite informative.

Basically centrifugal pumps are also used in plants for transfer and pressuriesed the liquid fluid only because the compressor is not able to compress and discharge the incompressible fluid like water, and other types of liquid as well.

What a compressor is?

Let us move ahead to learn about the types of compressors that are categorized depending on the action performed broadly speaking. There are two categories of compressors these include positive displacement compressors and dynamic compressors for one online positive. Placement compressors are covid classified into two types. They are desecrating compressors and rotary compressors. Rotary compressors include lobe compressor screw compressor and Vane compressor. Okay, similar Dynamic compressors are of two types. They are a centrifugal compressor and axial compressor. We will explore each of these compressors in detail ahead. For grow mechanical engineer in his field need to learn more with spacific feild. 

What’s the difference between a positive displacement compressor and a dynamic compressor?

 The basic difference between the two in their method of application of pressure on a fluid?

A positive displacement compressor reduces the volume of a fluid physically to increase the pressure sensorwhereas a dynamic compressor changes the velocity of a fluid which eventually results in the increase in pressure. An easy way to memorize the fact is in the name itself.

Positive displacement compressor means a system which compresses the air by the displacement of a mechanical linkage reducing the volume. The reduction in volume due to a piston in thermodynamics is considered as positive displacement of the Piston.

Thus it can find a volume of air or gas within the closed space and increase the pressure by reducing the volume of stairs. Screw compressor is an example of positive displacement compressor.

On the other hand the term dynamic in Dynamic compressor points to the change in velocity of the fluid which results in pressure rise.

The dynamic compressors use rotating elements to accelerate gas or air the velocity of gas is converted to static pressure Rise by diffusive action when fluid enters the diffuser, the flow velocity is reduced and most of the kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy.

Centrifugal compressor is an example of a dynamic compressor. Now let us summarize the difference between the two types of compressors in the form of table positive displacement compressor one compresses fixed packets of fluid to the velocity of fluid need not to be high three gives constant flow rate against variable output pressure.

Dynamic compressor one compresses the fluid in continuous manner so the velocity of fluid must be high three gives variable flow rate against variable output pressure.

There are many types of flange used in compressors for inlet and outlet nozzle connection that mean suction and discharge. For this type of nozzle connection there are many types for flanges available depending on its application. Some of them are use for high pressure and temperature application like a slip on raised flange and low pressure and temperature application like simple slip on flanges

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