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Coursera Global Skills Index 2019: 3 skill sets that make you employable globally

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

The three domains in which you must build your skills seem to be business skills, tech and data sciences. Having a workforce with the right skills matters more than ever before. If you are looking to build a global career, here are three domains where deep skills are going to get you to be the darling of the headhunters.

Where should employers focus as they think of the future? Coursera recently released a report called the Global Skills Index 2019. This report benchmarks skills in business, technology and data science across 60 countries and 10 industries. Their skill database is drawn from 38 million learners who choose from over 3,000 courses. What should you know about the report?

6 competencies for each domain

Each of domains – business, technology and data science are in turn made up of competencies. Sales, Marketing, Finance, Communication, Management and Accounting are the six competencies that make up the skills in the Business domain. Skills like Networking, Database, Human Capital, Operating Systems, Software and Security make up the Technology cluster. The Data Science cluster has Machine Learning, Math, Statistics, Data Visualization and Statistical Programming.

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The global workforce needs upskilling

Coursera 20192 out of 3 people in the workforce in developing countries lag behind in at least one of these three skills. The educational institutions are lagging behind in most of these countries. That means having a degree is no guarantee of employability. The skills required to do most jobs are evolving quickly. The employers in every country need to invest in upskilling, reskilling, and deep-skilling the employees on a continuous basis. In every part of the world, the less developed countries face massive skill gaps.


Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Norway, and the Netherlands are consistently cutting-edge in all the three domains. But Turkey, Ukraine, and Greece need to invest in skill building in these three domains.

AsiaPac, Middle East, Africa, Latin America

In this cluster of companies, apart from Australia, New Zealand and Israel, most of the countries have major skill gaps. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Columbia, Nigeria all need to invest in building skills in Business Skills, Technology as well as Data Sciences.

The United States

Not surprisingly thanks to Silicon Valley, the western region of US leads in Technology and Data Sciences. The Mid-West is ahead in the Business skills category. The South lags behind in all three categories.

Investing in continuous skill development is a business imperative. Now that you know which skills will matter most in future, it is time to build reskilling, upskilling and deep-skilling as part of the business strategy.

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