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Deloitte Australia dumps 9-5 grind, lets staff choose their own work hours

Source | | Alex Turner-Cohen

The Australian branch of financial services company Deloitte has introduced a radical policy that involves dumping the 9-5 work week for good.

Under a new “flex” policy announced in a company-wide email on Wednesday, staff at Deloitte can design their work week by setting their own hours.

In all, there are 12 new “flex rules”, which includes employees getting one paid wellbeing day off per year and being able to swap public holidays for cultural or religious days.

More paid-leave options are available for Deloitte workers who “support local communities” by doing things such as donating blood, helping not-for-profit organisations or volunteering in the emergency services.

“When you’re into a sport like surfing, it’s dependent on tides,” he told

“You have to line things up a bit more than a sport such as running when you can go at any time. It’s great to be able to work flexibly.”

Dedekind’s typical work day starts at 9am, if it’s a surfing day.

Then he clocks out at 11am to head into the surf in Sydney’s eastern beaches, at either Bondi or Tamarama.

He jumps back on his computer by 1pm and works into the night until 7 or 8pm.

“It does allow you to break up your day,” the audit manager said.

“I struggle to concentrate for nine hours straight and I think we all do.

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