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Employability in India: Where the needle needs to move in 2020

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  • Recognizing and accepting that there is a mismatch between education 4.0 and industry 4.0 will be the first step towards resolving the employability crisis in India.

Source | | Neeti Sharma | Sumit Kumar

The sheer scale of the skills and employability crisis in India warrants a tectonic shift in how the problem is being addressed. 39% of employers say a skills shortage is the leading reason for vacancies in organizations. A large section of our graduates fails to match industry expectations. The current employability rate is at a mere 15% due to the gap between existent skill sets and required skill sets.

Soft skills, emotional intelligence, teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving are some of the skills employers have found missing among new graduates rendering them “unemployable”. Many employers attribute the employability challenge to the flaws in our education system because employers spend the first three months training their new employees in skills that are required to meet business objectives.

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