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Episode 10: Nestlé’s People Analytics Journey (Interview with Jordan Pettman, Global Head, People Data, Analytics and Planning at Nestlé)

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According to research by the Corporate Research Forum, 69% of organisations with 10,000 employees or more now have a People Analytics team. The reality is perhaps not so rosy, as in my experience, many of these teams are still essentially restricted to reporting, and not really doing analytics. At least it shows the ambition is there.

One organisation that is definitely doing people analytics is Nestlé. Since the arrival in June 2016 of Jordan Pettman, our guest on the show this week, as Global Head of People Data Analytics and Planning, the progress has been remarkable.

In this episode, Jordan and I discuss:

  • Key milestones in Nestlé’s People Analytics journey

  • How he grew capability in the team, both centrally and regionally, in line with Nestlé’s decentralised business model

  • Some examples of projects undertaken including one that helps address the gender pay gap

  • What excites and concerns Jordan about the continual growth of people analytics

  • Like with all our guests on the show, we also look into the crystal ball and ponder what the role of HR will be in 2025

This episode is a must-listen for anyone in a People Analytics role, as well as HR and business professionals interested in how people data can drive business outcomes and support initiatives in areas like diversity and inclusion.

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Interview Transcript

David Green: Today I’m delighted to welcome Jordan Pettman to the Digital HR Leaders podcast and video series. Jordan is the Global Head of People Analytics at Nestlé. Jordan, welcome to the show.

Jordan Pettman: Thank you, David.

David Green: It’s great to have you here. Can you give listeners a quick introduction to your background and your role at Nestlé and also, your vision for People Analytics, as well?

Jordan Pettman: Certainly. Hello, listeners. I’m Jordan Pettman. As David says, I lead People Analytics at Nestlé. I guess that means that my team has responsibility for managing everything from data standards through standard reporting, all of the fun stuff we do in analytics, whether it’s diagnostic and descriptive, through to some of the more predictive stuff, and then into strategic workforce planning. Then we get to play in some of the more interesting parts of the world, like machine learning, and AI’s, and robots, which is cool.

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