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Everything You Need to Know to Get That Perfect Work-From-Home Job

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We Decode The Perfect Work-From-Home Job Formula For You

It’s everywhere now! Work-from-home jobs are now the staple of any organisation that wants to weather this COVID crisis and stay in good shape.

What does that mean for women on a job search now? Surely, it signals increased job opportunities, improvement of the hiring process so it can be based on merit, and a better appreciation of all the efforts women have been putting in to create that perfect work-life balance.

In fact, the JobsForHer’s platform saw a whopping 30% increase in work-from-home job posts in April and a 50% increase in applications to those jobs!

There you have it — work from home is the new normal, and we predict that it is going to stay that way for a long time to come.

Why Work-From-Home Jobs are Great

Still not convinced? Here are some good reasons why online jobs can be the perfect option for you now:

1. They make you productive

Research is continually showing that people who work remotely are proving to be more productive now than when they were in a physical office space. 

The distractions that occur in an office — the noise, the chit-chat and even the meetings — can chip away at your time and leave you unable to focus on work.

And when you don’t have to stress about traffic, childcare and other problems, your mind is also freed up to focus better!

2. They help you be flexible

Flexible hours at work will give you the freedom to compartmentalise your life the way you want to.

Many people work better without the restrictive timings of a 9-5 job. Some even firmly believe that being able to work in smaller chunks of time throughout the day helps them be more efficient, productive and work smarter.

3. They are a safer option

Simply put, the safest option for us during the COVID crisis is to stay at home and keep ourselves healthy. 

This is especially true for women who are caregivers for children or the elderly. With schools being shut and the elderly being at higher risk of infections, it is safer for all of us to stay indoors while still working.

4. They help you be all you want to be

For the women who want to get back to work after a break, this time is especially important, because it gives them opportunities they never had before.

50% of all working women in India drop out of their careers within 3 years, leaving 20 million women in India who are looking at restarting their careers.

“The challenges that these women face are manifold and require a management degree of a whole different kind. Women returnees are often found figuring out how to manage their guilt of being a ‘bad’ mother/wife/daughter, how to manage their time between their family requirements and work responsibilities, how to manage the fear they feel that the world has moved on without them and they won’t be able to catch up, and how to manage the plethora of biases around them — starting from home where people question them on their need to work to the office where peers question their commitment to their careers,” says Neha Bagaria, Founder & CEO, JobsForHer.

Neha herself returned to work after a break for motherhood and understanding the challenges it entailed, started JobsForHer in 2015 to ensure that the transition is smoother for other women.

For women wanting to return to work, choosing a work-from-home job right now is a great option. It gives you the flexibility to ease back into the workforce, without compromising on the kind of work you want to do.

What’s more, many organisations offer returnee internships that include upskilling and mentoring to get you on the right track. All this done with the flexibility to manage work and home is a great option, indeed!

Learn how you can work-from-home during the pandemic here.


Do Work-From-Home Jobs Need Investment?

No, work-from-home jobs are just like any other job. A job offer is not chargeable and requires no investment, and no company should charge you fees for giving you work.

So if you encounter a job post that promises you work in return for an investment on your end, you can know immediately that it is a scam and definitely not legal.

In many cases, job ads that tout ‘legitimate work-from-home jobs’ or ‘genuine online jobs’ can be, in fact, misleading. Think about it this way — a truly genuine job will not rely on having to claim to be genuine.

So what can you do to check if the online job is the real deal? Here are some simple checks:

1. Look up the company online

Search for reviews of the company posting the job ad online and check for negative against positive reviews.

If the job ad doesn’t mention the name of the company itself, that is a big RED FLAG! It’s in your best interest to only pursue jobs at credible companies.

2. Choose reliable job boards

Look for remote working jobs only on job boards that are trusted and widely used.

For example, JobsForHer only hosts valid jobs from trustworthy clients who offer genuine job opportunities for women. So you can apply to them without any worry or hesitation.

3. Refuse to give your personal information

A tell-tale sign of a job scam is a request for your financial and personal information – this is most likely a phishing scam or some illegal activity. So, make sure you never reveal any information like your bank account numbers, credit card details, and especially your passwords in exchange for a job offer.

Start your job search with the right information on work-from-home jobs here.

Top 5 Industries for work-from-home jobs

Now that you know how to start the search for your perfect work-from-home job, let’s do a quick rundown of the industries that are actively hiring for remote work:

1. Education/Teaching/Training

With the EdTech sector booming in business during the lockdown and even after, jobs for teachers are available in plenty. 

Jobs in this field require you to not only have good subject matter knowledge, but also the presence of mind to deal with the new environment of an online class.

The situation now demands teachers who can effectively conduct classes and impart knowledge without the face-to-face interaction that a physical classroom provides.

So, it’s worth taking a course to upskill yourself in the new technologies and methodologies required to work on an EdTech platform.

Here are some popular WFH jobs in the Education sector on JobsForHer:

Class Teacher: You’ll be engaging with students, encouraging them to learn virtually and guiding them. 

Avg salary: 4-5 lakhs p.a.

Academic Translator: Apply if you’re proficient in Indian languages and can translate English academic lectures for regional language students.

Avg salary: 3-4 lakhs p.a.

Career Coach: If you have a passion for counselling, communications and marketing that targets students’ academic needs, this job is for you.

Avg salary: 2-3 lakhs p.a.

2. IT-Software/Software Services

Working from home might not be alien to women from the IT and Software industries, but it has always been only a rarely-used allowance.

Now, with entire teams being moved to the home front to work remotely, Tech companies are seeking out more knowledge workers who can telecommute, while still being efficient and productive.

Here are some of the most sought-after online jobs in IT and Software:

React JS and Node JS Developer: Apply if you have skills in JavaScript, React-Js, React Native, Node JS, and core web fundamentals like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Avg. salary: 6-8 lakhs p.a.

Java Developer: This is perfect for you if you have a strong understanding of Core Java/J2EE 7.0 and above, and experience in frameworks like Hibernate, JPA and Spring 3.0+.

Avg. salary: 4-5 lakhs p.a.

Full Stack Developer: Can you build scalable, usable, and accessible interfaces and rapidly innovate on products? Then apply today.

Avg. salary: 8-10 lakhs p.a.

3. Recruitment/Staffing

Yes, call it Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Hiring or Recruitment, roles in the Staffing industry are all being moved to remote work.

One of the most important aspects of this job is that you have to be self-regulatory, and be adept at compensating for the lack of face-to-face interaction.

Thankfully, with advancements in tech resources that enhance communication, the job of a HR manager/recruiter has seamlessly moved to the home workspace.

Check out the most in-demand jobs in the Recruitment industry:

Recruitment Consultant: You will be responsible for resourcing through head-hunting, networking, usage of various job portals, existing databases, and social networking sites.

Avg. salary: 1-2 lakhs p.a.

IT Staffing Partner: You’ll have to manage end-to-end IT recruitment as well as contract staffing for Software/IT clients for the region.

Avg. salary: 3-4 lakhs p.a.

Client Success Specialist: Apply if you have experience in market research, competition mapping and sales in the HR field.

4. Internet/E-Commerce/Startups

One of the few industries that hasn’t been adversely affected during this time of crisis is the Internet; in fact, there’s been a boost to digital and tech methods of executing everyday tasks – e-commerce, education, social media, etc.

The requirements are diverse and the industry, growing in leaps and bounds. Put your diverse skills to the test and start applying to these jobs now.

Take a look at some of the most popular WFH jobs in this industry:

Ecommerce Manager: This job requires candidates experienced in listing and cataloging products on e-commerce sites and planning social media activities around sales.

Avg. salary: 2-3 lakhs p.a.

Opencart/PHP Developer for E-Commerce: Apply if you have experience developing e-commerce websites using OpenCart or PHP.

Avg. salary: 1-2 lakhs p.a.

Virtual Assistant: This position requires an action-oriented, flexible problem-solver who will assist customers in expediting orders and correcting post-sales problems.

Avg. salary: 2-3 lakhs p.a.

5. Advertising/PR/MR/Events

What better way to reach people who are staying safe at home than through online media? 

Advertising and digital marketing have become vital industries that help all other businesses make it through this crisis intact.

Here is a selection of the best work-from-home jobs in this field:

Social Media Expert: For this role, you need to be well versed in copywriting, as well as understand social media marketing in-and-out.

Avg. salary: 1-2 lakhs p.a.

Editor: If writing, editing and proof-reading articles while consistently maintaining quality is your forte, then apply to this job.

Avg. salary: 3-4 lakhs p.a.

Content Writer: If you’re creative, love writing and have a good understanding of SEO best practices, this job is perfect for you.

Avg. salary: 1-2 lakhs p.a.

There’s a whole host of options for you to choose from, just a click away.

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