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Six in 10 women possess high creative thinking in beginning of career: Survey

Source | | Brinda Sarkar, ET Bureau

Bengaluru: Only three out 10 women excel in decision making and creative thinking as compared to seven out of 10 men, and this is not the same in the initial years, finds a survey by SCIKEY, a marketplace network for talent and technology solutions.

The ‘Women in the IT sector in India’ survey, which has responses from 5,388 IT professionals across India from 22 to 47 years of age, shows that 60% women and 40% men possess high decision making and creative thinking in the beginning of their careers, but the tables get reversed as they climb the corporate ladder.

The figures change to 30% women as compared to 70% men and this major change of events can only be attributed to the rapid decline of senior women in roles of authority in the workforce.

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