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Ex-Flipkart exec brings entrepreneurship to schools to make students job creators not job seekers

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  • Binny Bansal, who has invested in Udhyam Learning Foundation, believes it ‘teaches students how to fish.

Source | | Sindhu Kashyaap

When Mekin Maheshwari thought about starting up, his mind was focussed on one question only – How were young minds and mindsets being shaped? The ex-Flipkart employee, who has held several CXO level roles in the company, always searched for one crucial element as a leader – an entrepreneurial spirit and drive.  With Udhyam Foundation, he has come full circle with its two modules that focus on inculcating entrepreneurship tenets and mentoring for school students. Today, the programme is active in 1,024 schools in Delhi, where it focuses on problem-solving instead of the more universal rote learning formula India is known for.

When he dug deeper, he realised there was a problem in the basic Indian pedagogy. The current education system didn’t make students own a problem or build solutions. He realised that there was a need to create entrepreneurs equipped with the right mindset in India.  The seed idea of Udhyam Foundation started in late 2016. The early pitches and programme commenced in March 2017. The organisation builds curriculum for young students to learn and develop a specific mindset which makes them job creators, and not just job seekers.

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