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Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism

By | Tom Peters

Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism

“What you are doing right now will be the hallmark of your entire career.”That is what Tom Peters is insisting on the critical nature of leadership in current conditions. During these tumultuous times of socio-political unrest and global pandemic, Tom continues to demand deep engagement, human connection, and, yes, EXCELLENCE.

Tom Peters is a New York Times bestselling author and business speaker. His previous 18 books have been cornerstones of management lessons from business schools to boardrooms. With Excellence Now: Extreme HumanismTom sets an even higher bar. Tom’s bold insights are based on decades of research and on-the-ground, steely observations. Fans will once again find themselves immersed in a rich world of people-first wisdom. Excellence Now: Extreme Humanismpowerfully delivers the management and leadership direction for how to move forward in a world turned upside down.

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