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The shifting landscape of remote work is creating both positives and negatives for organisations and individuals but the challenges of remote work extend well beyond the location where work is performed. In this article we discuss six levers you can pull to make conscious decisions to optimise remote work in your organisation.

Large-scale remote working started out as a temporary response to the immediate threat of COVID-19 as workers all over the world subbed their external workplaces for the home office. What started as an enormous upheaval soon shifted to business as usual, and many workers are reticent about foregoing their newfound flexibility as workplaces reopen.

Our research reveals just how significant this shift is likely to be, with 75% of organisations reporting that virtual operating will remain part of their normal business rhythms.

It’s easy to focus on the benefits of remote working – including opening new talent pools, greater flexibility for workers – but there are real challenges too. Creating a successful remote working environment requires leaders to grapple with some fundamental questions that interrogate the accepted wisdom of the central office and the very nature of work itself.

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