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Here’s How to Close the Gender Pay Gap at Your Company

By | John Boitnott | Contributor at and The Motley Fool – Ghost Writer for executives and entrepreneurs

Pay equity is the law in the U.S., yet it often falls victim to gendered expectations surrounding having and raising children. For example, one study points out that much of the pay gap between men and women amounts to a penalty for women having kids. In fact, when children become part of the employee’s life, that development may create a pay gap of 20% over the employee’s career. 

The fair and just policy is to pay people who are doing the same work the same wages, regardless of their parental status. It’s not equitable to assume a female worker will eventually have children and automatically become less committed to her career. That line of thinking helps companies justify pay inequity in the first place. The unavoidable consequence of such policies is the loss of top talent. 

The best strategy to maintain an attractive workplace for top talent and keep employee engagement levels high is to ensure pay and benefit equity and cultivate a workplace culture that supports and helps advance the interests of your workers, regardless of gender. This requires a clear-eyed, unflinching, and objective examination of your company’s current practices and policies. 

These five tips will help you identify areas where you can help your company’s culture and pay practices become more equitable and worker-friendly.

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