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How AI Can Boost HR Analytics

Source | | Marianne Chrisos

Use AI technology to improve your human resource reporting.

Find out how you can use AI to more effectively measure your HR metrics.

With AI technology on the rise, maybe you’ve wondered if there’s a place for AI in the HR department. What’s the role of AI in HR analytics? We’ve taken some time to look specifically at the benefits of HR analytics, as well as how AI can help to boost the reporting and analytics of human resources groups to tell more about the health and efficiency of organizations.

Types of HR Analytics Every Manager Should Know

Analytics might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to HR. Your specific HR needs might focus more on compliance with rules regulations or on employee benefits. Here are some HR analytics examples that help to demonstrate why reporting is important in every department including in HR.

Employee turnoverHR departments and businesses might have a casual idea of how much turnover there is within their organization – that is, how frequently people quit or how frequently the company must rehire for the same roles. If an HR manager is constantly posting want ads for sales associates, that might mean sales associates are quitting – or that sales are growing and they need more people to meet the demand. In order to really know if the reason is because of turnover or because of something else – as well as to measure how frequently employees are turning over, which might tell you something about the business or culture – you need to measure it with analytics.

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