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How Technology Solutions Can Help with Employee Retention

By | Elaine Bennett

In times of great resignation, the lack of experts and specialists on the market increases. With the ability to work anywhere for any company, a lot of employees took the opportunity to advance their careers. This creates one of the biggest challenges of today: employee retention.

Since the tricks and techniques traditional HR used no longer work, the only logical solution is to turn to technology. So, how can it help with employee retention? 

1. Creating a company culture

Technology is a fantastic way of conveying a message and sharing your values with a broader audience. Whether you operate remotely or from the office, company culture gives some basic outlines to your employees on what is appropriate and what isn’t. This drastically decreases the uncertainty and anxiety many feel, which results in increased retention.

Company culture is a great example of the values, mission, and vision your business follows.  So, if those values match the employees, chances are you’ll have a more loyal workforce. Use technology to find out what your employees consider important. 

2. Improved onboarding process

In every company, an onboarding process is a base of how employees perform. You can have an extremely talented individual at your doorstep, but if you don’t introduce them to your company properly, their potential goes to waste. So, how can technology lead to an improved onboarding process and retention as the final result?

Technology can help you create a customized onboarding process for each newcomer. If you operate remotely, accessing a mentor through an employee app will be a piece of cake for the new employee. Onboarding tends to be the most important retention strategy for the great resignation era. If you introduce a newcomer properly and provide free access to all the information through technology, they will stay longer with your business. 

3. Insights into feedback and analytics 

Employees need to be listened to. You can be the best feedback provider to your team, but if you aren’t sensitive to their needs, employees will still be unhappy. To change that, ensure you receive feedback from them as well. How can you do that if they don’t want to talk directly?

Chances are your employees won’t be always open to providing feedback as they might be afraid of authority. Let HR take care of that by creating customized surveys or using existing ones built-in in the software. Analyze the results and you’ll get a lot of information about how your employees feel and what makes them thrive. 

4. Encouraged learning and development 

Did you know that most job hoppers are younger people? While they aren’t experts in the field yet, they can certainly be talented individuals with a lot of potential for the company. In addition to that, did you know that one of the main reasons why young talents leave a company is the lack of learning and development opportunities?

Through technology, you can ensure each employee gets the content they are interested in. Use analytics and schedule one-on-one meetings to talk about goal setting and career development opportunities with your team members. On top of that, different platforms offer a wide range of courses and training for your employees that can enhance their careers and upskill their knowledge. 

5. Access to information at all times

Being kept in the dark can be frustrating and unmotivating for a lot of employees. Cases of misinformation or late information are especially frequent in international companies and those that operate remotely. Such situations can lead to the resignation of great employees. That’s why employee apps allow you and your team to access information at all times.

Instead of obsolete intranet platforms, consider using engagement apps, like Blink, that allow your frontline workers to stay in the loop no matter where they are. Safe information and data sharing are very important for employee retention, their mental well-being, and overall, how comfortable they feel in your company.  

6. Variety of personalized content 

In the end, technology can help you provide your employees with a variety of personalized content. Having personalized content, such as events in the company they might be interested in, or articles about their line of work can improve employees’ engagement. This leads to retention and increased loyalty.

Use analytics to find out about your employees’ interests, schedule team meetings, and talk with your team members using technology that also improved workflow. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to retention, pinpointing the exact strategy that will increase it is impossible. However, these uses of technology will certainly keep you on the right track and help you decrease the turnover rate and keep your top performers!

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