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How to Get a Higher Response Rate Through Your Marketing

By | Rayanne Morriss

It’s one thing to have a business that stands for something and offers a great product or service, but if you’re behind on your marketing strategy, it will be difficult to grow and increase profits. How do you get folks interested in your company? What do the consumers really want, and is it possible to produce it at the right price? Marketing experts have some advice on how to boost the response rate by utilizing an exceptional marketing blueprint.

Starting With These 5 Words

The 5 C’s of marketing play a key role in promoting your company, and seasoned marketing pros are well aware of their value. These include Company, Customers, Collaborators, Competitors and Climate. If you learn how to use these five aspects, you will be on your way to a successful business that can rival the competition.


It’s all about being honest with the business you have and getting into alignment with what the customer needs from you. Ask yourself important questions that analyze your business:

  • What does my company sell? What are your major product lines or types?
  • Do your products or services vary from competitors’? If so, in what ways?
  • Does your company have a competitive advantage?
  • Why is your brand special or memorable?
  • What does your business do better than others?


Who is your target audience, and what benefits are they seeking? Your customers are everything, and a good businessperson thoroughly understands how to deliver the product or service the customer needs by taking the time to research several different areas. These would include factors such as your particular market size, market segments, purchasing frequency, market growth and even seasonal components. It’s necessary to understand your customers, their behaviors and their underlying motivations. Customer feedback can help you see if you’re hitting the right mark and note if your target audience is changing.


Here is another essential piece of a sound and sensible marketing plan. Collaborators are the individuals and services your company works with to operate. Collaborators often fall under the umbrella of distributors or suppliers. These are also collaborators who can refine direct marketing services for your website, blog content, ads, social media accounts, etc. These experts put your message directly in the hands of your customers and prospective buyers. Have a list of collaborators always at the ready so that you can run your business and reach its objectives and goals.


If there weren’t any competitors, then, operating a business would be a sure thing, and life would be so much easier, but there are tons of competitors out there these days, and you need to stay on your toes to gain the upper hand. In other words, know thy enemy well, and study their overall market position, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Where can your business exceed?
  • Are the other companies active competitors or potential threats?
  • What do your competitors offer that you don’t?
  • Is there anything that your business can do that your competitors cannot?
  • What types of content are your competitors producing?
  • What kind of social media presence do your competitors have?

By analyzing these sorts of details, your company can learn to fill in the gaps you see and take advantage of your competitors.


Where is the market heading? It comes down to the pulse of the climate. For instance, things change rapidly today, and business owners have to be ready for industry trends, societal trends, economic and political trends, legal trends, etc. Ask yourself these questions: Are there any new or proposed regulations that may affect your business? If so, how would you plan to address them? Maybe it’s new or developing technologies. Your company has to be aware of these external factors to see how your target audience is reacting.


If you have a business that’s ignoring a marketing strategy, then, don’t be surprised if your company gets left behind. The 5 C’s of marketing have been proven to work, are easy to understand and have been designed to assist you in making good business decisions. Your company, customers, collaborators, competitors and climate all do their part to keep the business ball rolling in today’s ever-changing market.

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