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How To Stand Up For Yourself: 9 No Bullsh*t Tips!


Standing up for yourself sounds like a fairly straightforward act wherein you know who you are, set limits on who and what you’ll tolerate, pick your battles, and start no wars.

But when current consensus blares that you must “stand your ground” or “make yourself great again,” what does standing up for yourself look like?

1. Know Who You Are

Who are you standing up for? If you had to describe yourself and your inner character to a stranger, would they get a sense of who you are?

Right off the bat, it’s crucial to know that an opinion is not necessarily your identity. We get swayed to think one way or another and, because of the myth of the rugged individual, we easily manage to convince ourselves that the thoughts are ours.

Protect what’s yours, right?

Except, quite often, our own opinions don’t sit well with our selves.

Isn’t it foolish standing up for a façade?

Instead, practice mindfulness. There are readily available books, videos, and websites to get you started.

Mindfulness helps free ourselves from the ever-active Id, and in doing so allows us to see – and appreciate – who we really are.

When you appreciate yourself, you stand up for yourself, not a pasted-on version of you.

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